For over 25 years, Kirk Miller has been my "go to" General Contractor for my most artistically challenging projects. He builds with care, forethought and vision in all styles: from crisp, clean contemporary to highly-detailed historical restoration. Kirk brings to each project his fine-tuned people skills, his out-of-the-box problem solving and his deep knowledge of best practices for construction. He manages his projects carefully, juggling the schedules of his great team of sub-contractors so that each project moves forward with optimum efficiency. All of these technical skills may be found with other GC's, but if you have something special you want to build - with his uncanny ability to "vision" the intricacies of an architect's designs - then Kirk is the man you want. I have yet to have a client who has not loved Kirk and the amazing care he gives to each project. I could not recommend Kirk Miller more highly to other architects and to any and all my clients.

Lise Claiborne Matthews, Architect

I've worked with Kirk Miller on over a dozen commercial and residential projects spanning a period of twelve years. When someone once asked me about hiring him versus another contractor, my response was quite simple - "you will sleep at night if Kirk got the job". Kirk brings to the job an excellent sense of completion - he can see all the different steps that are needed on a job and ensures every time, that the job is completed thoroughly and to the highest level of quality. He sticks with his subs over the long term and together, they have a high degree of familiarity with each other and they communicate effectively across trades. Also, and we don't tell him this too often, "his prices are fair" - which is all too often a rarity in the building profession. I can wholeheartedly recommend Kirk for whatever job you are considering undertaking.

Jeff Guga, Architect

I have worked with Kirk Miller for over 25 year and can confirm his incomparable ability and insight for building custom single family residences - from simple remodel-additions to complex new custom homes. Kirk is able to visualize a project from the initial design drawings to help anticipate construction issues and budgets. He also appreciates the benefit of a thorough, well detailed set of construction drawings and specifications for completing the project on time and on budget. Furthermore, Kirk's technical knowledge and his many years of construction experience, are a great resource for reviewing and resolving new or unusual conditions towards thoughtful, cost effective and reliable solutions. He has an excellent group of sub-contractors who have worked together for years to fill out the construction team of Owner, Architect and Contractor that make building Projects a pleasure.

John M. Smith, Architect

You may do a thousand construction projects, but you will never find a contractor as great as Kirk Miller! We remember when we were looking at contractors way back when and spoke with every reference on our list that was given to us. One after another, we heard only the most superlative comments about him - the quality of his work, and the experience of working with him. People were still in touch with him well after completing their homes. At the time, it sounded too good to be true...but we figured if he were half as good as people were saying, we would still be light years ahead of most people's experiences with contractors. Now, more than twelve years after the completion of our home, we are still in touch with Kirk and add ourselves to the lucky group who sing his praises whenever we have the opportunity to do so. They don't come any better!

Stephanie and Josh Goldstine, Homeowner

Kirk was amazingly diligent, creative and trustworthy. We were remodeling our 1928 Spanish home and while we wanted to modernize the bones of our home, we also really cared about staying true to its original look and feel. Kirk and his team of sub-contractors were true artisans in executing on our vision and the results are stunning. He also is incredibly knowledgeable about all of the technical aspects related to both design and engineering and consistently came up with excellent solutions to the challenges of remodeling an older home. He produced all of these fantastic results while staying on time and on budget, as well as deftly working with city Santa Monica. We couldn't be happier and would tell any prospective client you will be in the best of hands!

Jeff Green, Homeowner

Who walks away from a project saying they adore their contractor? Well, we did! Kirk is patient, direct, willing to talk through options, happy to discuss why or why not and always on top of the work being done. We will never forget Kirk sitting down with a pencil and paper to explain the difference between the quality of one product over another.  Who does that? - Kirk does! The subs that Kirk uses are a part of his team. They all know and respect one another and they are loyal to and respect Kirk. He sets the tone and takes pride in his projects - the care he has for the the workspace is noteworthy. At the end of each day, he expects the space to be clean and ready for the following day. Anyone, lucky enough to work with Kirk will feel the love and care he puts into their project. Working with Kirk wan an absolute pleasure!

Ginger and William Sherak, Homeowner

Kirk, I'm happy that you are finally taking me up on my offer to write you a glowing letter of recommendation. You did a fabulous job on my very extensive and complex remodel. Not a day goes by without my husband or I commenting on how much we love our home. Remodels have their own set of challenges and you were always available to provide quick and practical solutions for any issues that arose. I continue to appreciate your keen attention to detail and top-notch quality of workmanship, as my house looks every bit as wonderful today as the day construction was completed. Equally important was the honesty and integrity you displayed through out the entire construction process and beyond. The greatest testament is that eight years later, I still call you for advice or help and 100% of the time your are there. You have terrific sub-contractors as well and in fact, every sub that worked on my big project continues to service my home when needed. All my best wishes for continued success!

Nancy Stark, Homeowner